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Come volunteer with us

Our tour parties consist of volunteers (from the UK and other countries) who want an experience with a difference. They are generally netballers, or have a love for sport, and want to make a difference.


Each volunteer raises funds for the trip and supports us to provide netballs, bibs, whistles and  other required essentials to the schools and communities we work with. 


Volunteers who partake in an NDT tour have a unique opportunity to be part of a cross-cultural experience and contribute to the lives of children, who often have very little. Without exception, our volunteers tell us that it has been an experience of a lifetime and that they have built life-long friendships and bonds that go far beyond the sport.


Our volunteers work closely with children in a coaching capacity, although previous coaching or netball experience is not a pre-requisite to work with us. We welcome volunteers who can bring different skill sets to the group, so please get in touch if you want to know more, or think you can offer us your support in any way (from buying a wristie, coming on tour, or offering us your lottery win!).

As one volunteer said “This tour has changed the way I think about coaching and my life in general. It has been a fantastic experience.”

To learn more about coming on tour, you can read our tour reports - please contact us and we'll send them on.

  • NDT Uganda and Kenya Tour Report 2017

  • Kenya and Uganda Tour Report by Katrina Burt

  • Kenya Tour Report by Olivia Hellas

  • Kenya Tour Report by Rachael Lickorish

  • Uganda Tour Report by Katrina Venner



Get involved in supporting our projects

As with any charity we really need your support. There is so much more we could do with a little extra funding.  We would love to have permanent courts marked in all the countries we work in, albeit with oil and basic provisions. We would love to offer new t-shirts, bibs and balls to each school and community group we work with. We would love to make our volunteers into permanent staff, so they can run our projects 365 days a year without struggling themselves. We would love to expand our sexual health programmes (education and sanitary pads) into more schools so more young people are engaged.  Please click here to donate – thank you.


  • Do you have a club or league charity of the year?

  • Could your club/uni team put on a fundraiser for us? Could you coordinate it?

  • Donate personally – see the easy “donate” buttons

  • Promote us in your area/school/club/university/work

  • recommend us to your employer so they can fundraise




Support us


Please ask again in September 2023.

Could you help us by donating netball kit and equipment?


Until we develop local seamstresses to help us to make kit, we want to take out as much as possible so that each school and community has a basic level of kit and equipment.

They need balls, bibs, trainers and team kits in sets of 10 so they can feel an identity and pride for their team when they play in tournaments and matches.

Many of our children play in school uniform and bare feet. They don’t have changing rooms, PE kit or spare items like many of us do, so we want to help them feel proud of their netball.

We store all our donations here: 

Big Yellow Self Storage Company

8 Advent Way


N18 3AF

Please contact us before posting donations as we have limited storage facilities and may not be able to receive everything you want to send right now.

If you have good quality sports bras or everyday bras which teenage girls will benefit from, we recommend you donate them to SmallsForAll who work in a lot of the same communities. 



Help us make a difference

We kindly ask that donations being made not be sent using a credit card - thank you. 

Netball Development Trust - Making A Difference Through Netball

​We are happy to discuss any support you might wish to offer.

Rodalind, Ghana beneficiary player

"I learnt to play netball with NDT and now I play every week after school. My favourite position is GK. Now I have taught my younger sister to play too."


"I always hoped and dreamed of working and training kids. NDT has made me achieve one of my dreams”

Scarlet, Uganda Coach


I could never have envisaged just what an impact they [an incredible bunch of women], and the trip, would have on me and my life. Right from the moment we landed in Ghana, it was the most full on, mad, crazy, scary, at times sad, but mostly, amazing experience. This was not just about the netball that we coached with the local school children and the training we delivered to the teachers and volunteers, in the hope of helping provide a legacy for them to continue delivering and developing netball, long after we left from this trip, it was also about seeing a whole different way of life, for people who had so little and yet were so grateful and cheerful for life. It was about seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they learned new skills.

Sally, Ghana 2018

Hear about the experiences some of our volunteer's have had on tour:

Keep up to do date with our volunteers over on our Instagram and Facebook

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